Bermuda Diving

Bermuda Reefs

Underwater Beauty

Depth range:
30-45 feet
(9-14 meters)
Near Gurnet Rock off East End and a favourite for the dive shops at this end of the Island, the Cathedral is well named. It is a huge underwater dome with several "windows", where shafts of light penetrate into the gloom, giving a feeling of being inside a vast subterranean cathedral. This is a very popular dive with a high concentration of marine life.
Flatt's Bridge
Depth range:
6-30 feet
(2-9 meters)
Of all the dive sites in Bermuda, the Flatts Bridge site is at the top of many divers' lists. You must dive the site during slack water - 2 hours and 20 minutes after the published time of high and low tide each day, when you have up to 20 minutes of relative calm.
Devil's Hole
Depth range:
10 feet
(3 meters)
Devil's Hole is an especially good dive site for observing some of the many species of marine life not normally associated with the outer reefs. The creatures here prefer calm, sheltered locations away from the constant threat of storm and reef predators. The site also makes an excellent night dive.

The area around the shoreline at Devil's Hole is particularly interesting because of the number of openings into the underwater caves and caverns.